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Welcome to Spanish Schoolhouse in Tomball, TX! We opened in 2018 and are excited to offer Spanish immersion in Creekside, Tomball, and beyond with programs for Preschool, Kindergarten, After School, and Summer Camp. We are located off of Kuykendahl Rd. in the Lone Star College/Creekside Center – follow Azrock Rd. to the end and you’ll find us! Our director, Mary Tirado, and our exceptional team of teachers are proud to show you what Spanish Schoolhouse programs can offer your child! Call us for more information.











“A great school filled with loving staff and children. We are so happy with our decision to send our 3 year old here. He is loving it! At a previous school, he would have morning separation anxiety and would come home grumpy, tired, and hungry after school. He now runs into his classroom and is greeted with a hug from his teachers. He comes home happy, a little tired, and eager to talk about his fun day.”

Yvette Alvarado


Alex & Jen Milian
Alex & Jen Milian
Love the staff, facility and curriculum. They treat your children as their own.
Keith Brubeck
Keith Brubeck
This is a hidden diamond. A great school where everyone is nice and cares about there work with the little ones.
Aida Baez
Aida Baez
I Absolutely Love it❤️ Best School Ever

What is Spanish Immersion?

Spanish immersion is a language-building technique that surrounds students with the Spanish language every day. By hearing Spanish spoken in the classroom by native speakers, children gain a deeper understanding and develop an ear for the language. This provides a solid Spanish foundation for them as they learn to speak, read, and write in Spanish in later years. Spanish Schoolhouse Creekside uses immersion to expose children to the language and give them a great start in becoming multilingual. Their exposure to the Spanish language during their formative years will stay with them for a long time.

Why Spanish Immersion?

Children are born with the potential to speak any language they hear, but the language they hear the most is the one they learn the fastest. In our Spanish-immersive environment, children are surrounded by Spanish every day. They learn it through the natural interactions of school activities and social experiences. Communication happens spontaneously and conversation is key! Our program is especially helpful for children who hear another language spoken at home. They develop skills in both languages simultaneously while their learning potential is at its peak.

Why Spanish Schoolhouse?

Spanish Schoolhouse Creekside in The Woodlands area is thrilled to share the Spanish language and Hispanic traditions with new speakers! Our amazing staff members come from several Latin American countries like Venezuela, Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia, and Cuba. Every single one is passionate about teaching cultural appreciation and diversity in a safe and loving space. Our student-to-teacher ratios are some of the best. Our curriculum includes interactive enrichment activities such as learning about traditional foods from Latin countries, celebrating holidays and customs, and experiencing the rhythms, songs, and dances of Spanish-speaking countries around the world. 

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Spanish Schoolhouse

When you walk through our doors, the warmth and friendliness with which you are greeted – not just by the staff, but the students as well – make you feel like you just found a new family.

Preschool Programs

At Spanish Schoolhouse Creekside, we provide an immersive environment where children are surrounded by the Spanish language every day. They learn to celebrate cultural diversity, and to treat others with kindness.

Summer Camp

The summer camps at Spanish Schoolhouse Creekside were designed to entertain and educate 3-8-year-olds, giving them a cultural experience without leaving town! Full and part-time programs are available to meet your needs.  


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