Meet the Director

Mary Tirado

Director, Creekside/Tomball Campus

Mary is originally from Maracaibo, Venezuela. She earned a degree in Business Administration and worked in her family’s business as a Human Resources manager for 10 years. She also pursued her passion for dance as a flamenco dance instructor, teaching young children to appreciate the music and movement of this vibrant dance form.

When Mary relocated to Texas in 2015, she quickly found her home at Spanish Schoolhouse. She gained valuable experience teaching in the two, three, and four-year-old classrooms, as well as serving as the summer camp administrator, before assuming the director role. Mary loves being a part of the daily growth and development of her students. She enjoys collaborating with parents to help each child succeed and reach their potential.

Mary is excited to lead Spanish Schoolhouse Creekside’s team of dedicated and caring teachers. She loves sharing the advantages of bilingualism and biculturalism with each of her students!

Q & A with Mary

What is your personal teaching philosophy?

The key to being a successful educator is to love what you do!  A teacher’s enthusiasm for learning will spill over to the children and encourage a joy for learning and discovery.  I believe it’s important for teachers to build relationships of trust with each student. We do this by being patient, caring, and consistent as we identify their unique needs and come to understand their experiences.

What benefits does a language immersion preschool offer versus a “typical” preschool?

The obvious difference is that our students are immersed in a second language, giving them the ability to communicate with people beyond their own country and culture.  But in an equally powerful way, they also gain personal connections with other cultures and the desire to learn more.  These cultural connections are built through experiences of music, dance, foods, celebrations, and traditions from all over the Spanish speaking world.

What do you love most about educating children?

I love to experience the joy and wonder of learning through their eyes and to help celebrate their accomplishments.  I feel proud to have a hand in developing the future citizens of our society, empowering them with cultural understanding and a more global perspective.